Forms & Samples

Here counsel will find just a few of the forms useful in representing indigent parties in the First District and samples of frequently filed motions and applications. Additional forms can be found in the forms section of the Judicial Council website and the United States Courts Services & Forms library. The samples are provided as a resource for panel attorneys, but are not a substitute for an attorney's own work.  Counsel should independently check all authorities and court rules for current validity.

Abandonment of Appeal

Abatement of Appeal

Augment Motion

CDCR Confidential Phone Call Request

CDCR Release of Information (HIPAA compliant)

Certiorari Petition Materials

Change of Attorney Contact Information (Notice to Court)

Compel Production of Late Record

Compel Production of Late Record (Writ of Mandate)

Consolidation Motion (Criminal)

Credits Correction (Informal Fares Letter to Trial Court)

Delgadillo No-Issues Brief (PC 1172.6 Appeals)

Delgadillo No-Issues Letter to Client

Early Remittitur

Extension of Time (Criminal & Civil Commitment CR-126)

Extension of Time (Juvenile Delinquency JV-816)

Extension of Time (Juvenile Dependency JV-817)

Extension of Time Request

Fines and Fees Correction (Informal Fares Letter to Trial Court)

In re N.S. Letter (Dependency)

Judicial Notice Motion

Marsden Transcript Application

New Authority Letter

Notice of Appeal (Criminal CR-120)

Notice of Appeal (Juvenile JV-800)

Opening Brief (Criminal Jury Trial)

Opening Brief (Criminal)

Opening Brief (Juvenile Delinquency)

Oral Argument Appearance Request (First District)

Oral Argument Request (First District)

Oversize Brief Application

Panel Attorney Information Change (Notice to FDAP & JCC)

Phoenix H. No Issues Statement (Dependency)

Record Omission Letter

Record Omission Letter (Confidential Materials)

Record Omission Letter (Dependency & Juvenile)

Strike AOB and File Wende Brief

Strike Wende Brief and File AOB

Supplemental Brief Application

Transmit Exhibits (Court of Appeal)

Transmit Exhibits (Superior Court)

Unredacted Juror Identifying Information in Record

Wende Brief (Criminal)

Wende Brief (Juvenile Delinquency)

Wende Letter to Client