Clients & Family Resource List

Connecting FDAP clients, their loved ones and their advocates with services and resources for life beyond the appeal

Note: This list was created to augment the direct representation provided by our attorneys. We have tried to cover a broad range of issues and geographic locations. However, the landscape of California organizations and service providers is constantly changing. FDAP cannot guarantee that this list is exhaustive or fully up-to-date. An organization’s inclusion in this list is for information only and does not necessarily represent our endorsement of the services provided.

The resource list is organized by location and is searchable by keyword. The PDF version contains an issue-specific index, blue text indicates a hyperlink.

Special thanks to Root & Rebound and Prison Activist Resource Center, whose resource guides served in part as source material.

FDAP also wishes to thank and acknowledge the vision and dedication of Rashida Harmon, former associate staff attorney for FDAP and current senior staff attorney for Root & Rebound, who devoted untold hours to bring this resource to fruition.