Documents must be filed through the TrueFiling electronic filing system, pursuant to Local Rule 12.

Warning: Other Districts have different filing requirements.

Note on client information in proofs of service: A client’s mailing address or location will often be confidential and/or privileged because the client communicated it directly to counsel or counsel learned of it “by virtue of the representation” of the client. (See Cal. Rules Prof. Conduct, Rule 1.6, Comment 2; Bus. & Prof. Code, § 6068, subd. (e)(1).) In delinquency, dependency, and certain civil commitment cases, it will additionally be confidential because of the confidential nature of the case. Counsel should not include the client’s mailing address or location in a proof of service if the address is confidential or privileged, and in confidential cases, counsel should take care to use the client’s initials (or first name and last initial) instead of their full name.

Note: Local Rule 12(i) permits the filing of a paper version of a document only if all three of the following conditions are met: “(1) it is not available in electronic format; (2) it must therefore be scanned to PDF; and (3) the file size of the scanned document exceeds the limit specified on the EFS Web site.” See also Rule 8.44, which governs the number of copies required for paper-filed documents.


Documents must be filed through the TrueFiling electronic filing system pursuant to Supreme Court policy.