Webinar: Time-Sensitive Appeals

May 13, 2020

Register Now for FDAP May 15 Webinar: Litigating in a Crisis – Options for Obtaining Immediate Relief in Time-Sensitive Cases

Appeals take time, time that our clients generally spend incarcerated, even where their entitlement to relief under the law is clear. In some cases, our clients will be immediately eligible for release following a favorable decision on appeal, but immediate release might not be possible due to rules governing the timing of finality and remittiturs. Fortunately, options exist for getting a client’s case returned to the superior court for more immediate relief.  Join FDAP Staff Attorneys Stephanie Clarke, James Donnelly-Saalfield, Richard Braucher, and Jeremy Price for a webinar presentation discussing various avenues for seeking immediate relief in the trial court, even while the case is pending on appeal.  The webinar will be focused on techniques primarily applicable in criminal cases. 

The webinar will be on Friday May 15, 2020 at 10:30 a.m.  

1.0 hour of MCLE credit will be available.  Advance registration required. (We have not determined yet whether this webinar will be recorded.) This training is free and for FDAP panel attorneys only. While your mic will be muted during the webinar, attendees will be able to submit questions electronically through the Zoom webinar portal. Evaluation forms and certificates of attendance will be transmitted to attendees after the event.

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