Pandemic stress webinar; Court operations update; Record delays

May 20, 2020

FDAP Offices Will Be Closed Friday, May 22nd and Monday, May 25th

FDAP will be closed for a four-day Memorial Day weekend starting Friday May 22nd, returning to the office on Tuesday May 26th. The Courts remain open on Friday, so should you have an urgent matter arise in any of your cases on that day, please contact Executive Director Jonathan Soglin, 

Register Now For FDAP Webinar: Coping With Pandemic Anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed by Covid-19? FDAP invites you to participate in a webinar with licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Mary Walsh, who will present a discussion about the impact of the pandemic on mental health, key issues in addressing this impact, and resources for increasing resilience. The one-hour presentation will take place Friday, May 29, 2020 at 11 a.m. via Zoom. It will be eligible for one hour of competence MCLE credit.

Research has found that the impact of societal trauma manifests 60 to 90 days following exposure to stressors (MMHPI, 2017). Nearly half of Americans already report that the coronavirus crisis is harming their mental health (Kaiser Poll, 2020). Underfunded mental health resources are ill-prepared to deal with the significant increases in depression, substance abuse, stress disorders and suicide, which mental health providers are currently encountering. In addition to personal mental health issues, research has found that pandemic anxiety undermines our social mental health, stoking racism, bigotry, and xenophobia (APA, 2020). This presentation describes risk factors for mental health issues (anxiety, depression, suicide, substance abuse, and stress disorders), signs and symptoms of acute stress.

Unlike natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes, disease outbreaks don’t have a clear time boundary (IDMH, 2020). Our body’s “flight” or “fight” survival response did not evolve to deal with this ongoing state of feeling at risk. Stress is cumulative and ongoing stress takes a toll on our minds and bodies. It is essential to recognize and address our stress to prevent it from becoming overwhelming.

We hope the presentation will be as interactive as possible using the Zoom platform. Ms. Walsh has private practice offices in Berkeley and Vallejo and is an adjunct professor in the graduate Certificate in Traumatology and Treatment Program at Holy Names University in Oakland. She has presented at conferences around the country, including a recent workshop for the Prison Law Office. More information about Mary Walsh can be found on her website.

Register for Webinar on Coping With Pandemic Anxiety

First District Emergency Order Expired; No Further Automatic Extensions Anticipated

The First District Court of Appeal’s most recent emergency order that automatically extended most filing deadlines by 30 days covered the period of April 17 through May 18, 2020. May 18 has come and gone and we don’t anticipate any further emergency extension orders from the Court.

All oral arguments will continue to be conducted telephonically.

Contra Costa County Late Records: When And How To Take Action

FDAP continues to monitor the ongoing record delays in the Contra Costa County Superior Court. The First District Court of Appeal is also aware of the issue. We understand the clerks are primarily priortizing juvenile, criminal and time-sensitive cases, which will hopefully relieve some of the backlog.

In cases with excessive delays (i.e. criminal appeals with records due in 2019 or juvenile appeals with records due prior to March 1, 2020), consult your FDAP assisting attorney about possible next steps, including motions to compel production of the record or requests for an order to show cause. We will ordinarily be recommending against contacting the superior court directly as we are told this has been adding to the delays.