First District Panel Victories

Results: 381 - 383 of 383


July 17, 2017

Division: Three

Attorney: Mark D. Johnson

Categories: Criminal   Fines, Fees, and Victim Restitution   

Court of Appeal reversed order for defendant to pay $250 for defense costs for representation. The defendant himself objected to the fee and Court found that the record was insufficient to support a finding of ability to pay where the defendant was sentenced to two years in prison.


July 5, 2017

Division: Four

Attorney: Donald Bergerson, Peggy Headley

Categories: Criminal   Fourth Amendment   Pleading and Proof   

Court of Appeal reversed misdemeanor conviction for recent use of a controlled substance where it was barred by one year statute of limitations and reversed all fines and fees associated with that count.


February 2, 2017

Attorney: Mara Bernstein

Categories: Dependency   ICWA   Review Hearings   

[Published Decision – 9 Cal.App.5th 339] Father appealed from the juvenile court’s findings at the six-month review hearing. The Court of Appeal agreed stating father’s out-of-state location and lack of participation did not excuse the Department’s failure to provide reasonable services. In addition, the Department failed to make the required active efforts under the ICWA to prevent the breakup of the Indian family.

Results: 381 - 383 of 383