FAQs First District Court of Appeal Operations

Is the First District holding oral argument? caret

Pursuant to Misc. Order 2020-2, all in person oral argument sessions in the First District are suspended. Counsel who choose to present oral argument must do so telephonically through June 17, 2020, and via video conference thereafter using the BlueJeans platform.

Attorneys participating in oral argument will receive email invitations from the Court. By clicking on the link in the invitation, you will be connected to the oral argument. We are informed that this process works best when using the Chrome browser. Other browsers will sometimes require you to download the BlueJeans app before proceeding into the oral argument. There is no need to create a BlueJeans account.

One added benefit of the new oral argument system is there is now remote public access. The Court will post links on the Court’s Calendar page for the public to watch the video. This means out-of-custody clients or family members can watch and listen to the argument.

What if I can’t work during this time? caret

We recognize the unique challenges facing some practitioners, in particular those grappling with childcare needs, technology issues, or illness. Please contact your assisting attorney at FDAP should you have any questions about your particular situation or a particular case.

What should I tell my client? caret

As with any development in the case, you should write to your client and inform him or her about any Covid-19 related information that could affect their case. You can reassure your client that FDAP and the Court remain open, and that we will keep their cases and any filings moving along to the best of our ability under the circumstances.

If your incarcerated client is within a vulnerable group (i.e. over 60 years old or with underlying health condition), consider reaching out to your consulting attorney at FDAP about seeking your client’s release through a petition for writ of habeas corpus or other filing. Sample pleadings are available here.

What do I need to know about the First District’s emergency orders? caret

To address the emerging coronavirus pandemic, the Court issued several emergency orders tolling filing deadlines, among other things. Those orders have now expired, so all filings and deadlines are once again governed by the California Rules of Court.

Information about the Court’s now-expired emergency orders tolling some filing deadlines can be found on the Court’s website.