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Dependency Writ Materials

Notice of Intent to File Writ Petition and Request for Record (fillable PDF - link goes to California Courts Website)

Petition for Extraordinary Writ (fillable PDF - link goes to California Courts Website)

Filing a Rule 8.450 (formerly 38) Writ Petition in three easy steps

(Updated January 2013)
Sample Motion to Augment - Rule 8.450 (formerly Rule 38) Writ Petition (all case specific information replaced with *)
Sample Memorandum of Points and Authorities

Sample Arguments
Note: we are in the process of gathering additional arguments and will post them here as they become available.


  • Reasonable Services Finding Is Not Supported by Substantial Evidence
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  • Right to Contested Hearing and Express Waiver

  • Section 388 Changing Circumstances

  • Section 388 Denial Where Services Inadequate

  • Summary Denial of Section 388 Petition

  • Parentage -- basic

  • Parentage -- biological relationship

  • Parentage -- lack of substantial evidence

  • Parentage -- weighing competing interests

  • Minor's counsel -- conflict of interest

  • Return of minor -- lack of detriment

  • Standing -- grandparents


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