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Feb-2018 Fourth Amendment Rights of Public School Students    
Feb-2018 Stop and Frisk Update 2018    
Feb-2018 Prop 64 Fourth Amendment Consequences    
Feb-2017 Fourth Amendment Rights and the Exclusionary Rule in the Twenty-first Century    
Nov-2015 Technology, Privacy and the Fourth Amendment: GPS Location Tracking and Cell Phone Searches (Jan. 2015)    
Jan-2014 Stop and Frisk: A Practical Guide to the Governing Law (updated Jan. 2014)    
Mar-2011 The Evolution of the Search Incident to Arrest Doctrine: Arizona v. Gant (Updated Jan. 2011)    
Jan-2010 The Rise and Fall of the Exclusionary Rule: Can it Survive Hudson, Herring, & Brendlin?    
Nov-2009 When Does an Anonymous Tip Provide Reasonable Suspicion for a Stop and Frisk? - by Kathryn Seligman & Jordan Jaffe    
Jan-2007 Traffic Stops and Vehicle Searches - by Kathryn Seligman    

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