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FDAP Panel Alert 2018-18

December 21 , 2018

  • SF Superior Court Appointments for Petitions for Relief from a Murder Conviction
  • Register for the 2019 FDAP Seminar
  • Clarification regarding eClaims modification for TrueFiling expenses

S.F. Superior Court Seeking Attorneys for Appointments for Petitions for Relief from a Prior Murder Conviction (Pen. Code § 1170.95; SB 1437) 

The San Francisco Superior Court is inviting qualified appellate attorneys to apply to be eligible to be appointed to represent individuals who have filed a petition for relief from a murder conviction under Pen. Code § 1170.95 (eff. Jan. 1, 2019) (i.e. SB 1437). Preferably, applicants would be those in the Bay Area with experience in homicide appeals. Applicants must have their own malpractice insurance.The Superior Court will pay $119 per hour for services under these appointments. 

Applications are to be sent to the S.F. Bar Association for preliminary review and will then be forwarded to the court. To apply, send a letter detailing your interest, relevant experience, and current availability. Also include a writing sample.

Applications can be sent electronically to or by mail to 

Betsy Wolkin
Bar Association of San Francisco
Indigent Defense Administration
301 Battery Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA. 94111.

Please direct your questions to Betsy Wolkin (; 415-782-8933) or Julie Traun (; 415-872-8942).

Note: the Bar Association will be closed Dec. 24 through Jan. 1. 

Register for FDAP's 2019 Annual Training

FDAP's 2019 annual training seminar will be held on Friday, February 8, 2019, at the Judicial Council's conference center in San Francisco. We will have three hours of dependency breakout sessions co-hosted by FDAP, SDAP and CCAP, and sufficient general interest topics for dependency attorneys to get a full day's credit without attending the criminal law sessions. 
  • General interest topics include: a panel discussion on effective oral argument, and a presentation on substance abuse by David Mann, of The Other Bar.  And we are very excited to have the Honorable Jon B. Streeter, Associate Justice of the First District Court of Appeal, providing perspectives from the bench. 
  • Dependency Topics include: Making a Prima Facie Case of Claims of Error, Habeas Petitions in Dependency Cases, and Current Issues and Issue Spotting. 
  • Criminal law topics include: recent legal developments, California Supreme Court practice, and Batson/Wheeler issues (Elisabeth Semel,Director of the Death Penalty Clinic at UC Berkeley Law). 
Registration is currently open only to panel attorneys; registration for others will open on Jan. 11. So reserve your spot now!

For details and to register, visit the FDAP website seminar page


Clarification Regarding eClaims Changes for Expenses Lines

We sent a notice on Saturday (Dec. 15) explaining that in eClaims expense Line 6 is no longer for Computer Research expenses. Line 6 is now solely for Court of Appeal electronic filing and electronic service (i.e. TrueFiling) costs. Until now, these costs were claimed on line 9, Miscellaneous). 

Clarification: if you created your claim prior to December 15, the old instructions and labels will still show in eClaims even if you submit your claim on or after December 15. Nevertheless, even if those old labels/instructions show, the new procedure applies, so please put TrueFiling fees on expense line 6 and include computer research expenses on line 9 (other/miscellaneous). (For claims created on or after December 15, you should see the new labels and instructions.)


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