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FDAP Panel Alert 2018-17

Dec. 15, 2018

New use of eClaims Expense Lines - TrueFiling Fees moved to line 6!

Beginning today (Dec. 15, 2018), eClaims users must use the expense worksheets slightly differently.  

Line 6 is no longer for Computer Research expenses. Line 6 is now solely for Court of Appeal electronic filing and electronic service (i.e. TrueFiling) costs. Until now, these costs were claimed on line 9, Miscellaneous). Going forward, no other amounts should be included on line 6 except for those paid to TrueFiling.
If you are preparing a claim where a previous claim (e.g. an interim) in the same case had TrueFiling costs already listed on line 9, on the new claim move those costs to line 6. For example, if an interim claim that has already been paid had $10 for TrueFiling fees listed on line 9, and you’re presently preparing the final claim, include the $10 in your claimed amount for line 6 (adding it to the post-interim TrueFiling fees), and remove it from your claimed amount on line 9. In such a case, the Claim column under the title Previous will be inconsistent with the Claim column under the title Current. That’s okay.
If you have any Computer Research expenses of the type that are appropriate for billing in your claim, please include those on line 9, Miscellaneous. If you are uncertain about what can be billed and where, you can hover your mouse cursor over each row label and a pop up window will provide instructions.
Thank you for incorporating these changes into your eClaims preparations. 


New Use of eClaim Expenses lines:
  • only TrueFiling fees are now claimed on Line 6
  • Computer Research costs (very rare) are now included among items claimed on Line 9 (other)
  • changes effective immediately
  • on a final claim move TrueFiling fees to line 6 if you claimed them on line 9 on the interim



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