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FDAP Panel Alert 2018-16

Dec. 3, 2018

  • New Justices - Update Your Scorecard
  • FDAP Annual Training Information

Update Your Scorecard

thumbnail image of chart of justicesIn 2018, Governor Brown nominated six new justices to California's First Appellate District. (There are 20 seats on the Court.) Three of the justices have been confirmed and three will have their confirmation hearing on December 21, 2018.

Get to know the judges deciding your cases and questioning you at oral argument. For a PDF list of the membership of the full Court as it will likely be constituted by the end of the year, with short bios of the new justices, click the image.

Note: Justice Pollak is now officially the Presiding Justice in Division 4. 

The Justices who retired in 2018 are: 

  • McGuiness
  • Ruvolo 
  • Rivera
  • Reardon 
  • Dondero 
  • Bruiniers
We will probably see Justices Reardon, Dondero and Bruiniers on opinions for a little while longer as they sit by assignment to wrap up some cases. 


FDAP Annual Training - 2019

FDAP Annual Training. FDAP will host its annual training on February 8, 2019, at the usual spot at the Judicial Council's conference center in San Francisco.  One change this year is that we will have three hours of dependency breakout sessions co-hosted by FDAP, SDAP and CCAP, and sufficient general interest topics for dependency attorneys to get a full day's credit without attending criminal law sessions. 

  • General interest topics include: a panel discussion on effective oral argument, and a presentation on substance abuse by David Mann, of The Other Bar.  And we are very excited to have Justice Jon B. Streeter of the First District providing perspectives from the bench. 
  • Dependency Topics include: Making a Prima Facie Case of Claims of Error, Habeas Petitions in Dependency Cases, and Current Issues and Issues Spotting. 
  • Criminal law topics include: recent legal developments, California Supreme Court practice, and Batson/Wheeler issues (Elisabeth Semel,Director of the Death Penalty Clinic at UC Berkeley Law). 

Registration information and details coming soon.



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