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July 6, 2017

No More Inquiries to the JCC (Formerly AOC) re Claims

The Judicial Council (JCC) and the appellate projects have agreed that all communications from panel attorneys regarding the status of claims should go to the appellate projects, not the JCC. The JCC will no longer accept inquiries directly from panel attorneys. FDAP staff will almost always have current information about the status of a claim, even if it has been transmitted to the JCC. If we do not have the answer on hand, FDAP staff will make the appropriate inquiry. For questions about the status of a FDAP claim, please direct your inquiries to our FDAP Claims Processors.

Supreme Court TrueFiling - Starts July 10

TrueFiling begins at the California Supreme Court next Monday, July 10.

Initially, TrueFiling is voluntary in the Supreme Court, but it will become mandatory on September 1, 2017. For now, TrueFiling is to be used for: Petitions for review; Answers to petitions for review; Replies to answers to petitions for review; Motions, applications, and documents related to petitions for review; and Automatic appeals from a judgment of death and related habeas corpus matters In the Supreme Court, TrueFiling does not appear to apply to briefs on the merits and other filings in review-granted matters. We strongly urge use of TrueFiling in the voluntary period because of the cost-savings it brings.

Explaining Binding and Shipping Costs over $25

TrueFiling should be reducing the costs of binding and shipping. Accordingly, the Judicial Council is now requiring the appellate projects to provide an explanation when recommending payment of more than $25 for brief binding or shipping. Sometimes the reason will be obvious, such as when there was a petition for review, or the case is old and you filed briefs prior to TrueFiling. But other times the reason will not be so obvious. To ensure expeditious processing of your claims, please include an explanation when either binding or shipping costs exceed $25. But there's no reason for a tome. Keep it short, like these examples: "partially pre-truefiling" "binding for PFR" "very large record shipped to client"

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