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Social Media; the Northern Calif. Fires; SCOTUS E-Submission; and Training Opportunities
Oct. 18, 2017

1. FDAP on Social Media You can follow FDAP on both LinkedIn and Facebook. You can view those pages without joining either service. Essential panel alerts will continue to be sent by email directly to you, but some non-essential information will appear only on social media and some of the information in panel email alerts will appear earlier on social media.

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2. Northern California Fires Some panel attorneys have being impacted by the fires, losing homes or being temporarily displaced. Individual safety is paramount and we are all very concerned and hope that everyone is now safe. FDAP is coordinating with impacted panel attorneys in connection with deadlines, recreating files, replacing transcripts, etc. If you are affected and have not contacted us yet, please update us when you can, i.e. when you are safe and have addressed immediate issues like shelter, insurance, etc. The judiciary is also being responsive. For up-to-date information on fire-impacted courts, visit the California Judicial Council's website. The Sonoma Superior Court, which now has a fire information page of its own, has been closed since Oct. 10 and was scheduled to re-open today (Wed. Oct. 18), but now it appears the reopening is delayed until Monday, Oct. 23. Pursuant to a General Order and for the purposes of computing time for filing papers, courts days from Oct. 10 through Friday Oct. 20 are deemed holidays in Sonoma County. The Napa Superior Court has deemed October 16 a holiday for purposes of computing time. Those general orders from both courts have many other provisions specific to certain types of cases. For our appellate practices, these general orders will be of most relevance in determining the timeliness of notices of appeal.

3. SCOTUS - Electronic Submissions. Appellate practitioners, get ready for electronic filing coming to a Supreme Court of the United States near you, on November 13, 2017. Paper will remain the official filing and counsel will be expected to submit an electronic copy "at or near the time" the paper copy is delivered to the Court. Visit the Court's website to review the helpful FAQs and to register in advance for the electronic filing.

4. Training Opportunities Registration is open for California Attorneys for Criminal Justice's annual Appellate Practice Seminar., which will be held on November 4 in San Diego. Speakers include FDAP's Assistant Director, J. Bradley O'Connell, who will be presenting on how to argue on appeal that a trial error is prejudicial.

Registration is also open for the Judicial Council's "Beyond the Bench 2017" conference, which will be held on December 18-20, also in San Diego. The agenda includes topics "pertaining to juvenile law, family law, criminal law, probate guardianship and conservatorship, domestic violence, collaborative courts, tribal court-state court jurisdiction, veterans and military families, incarceration and reentry, mental health, education, immigration, human trafficking, trauma-informed practice, community engagement, and racial justice." FDAP Staff Attorney Richard Braucher and FDAP Board Member Sue Burrell will be on a panel discussion regarding "Recognizing Youth in Practice: Juvenile Delinquency Defense." And former FDAP Staff Attorney Anya Emerson, now a staff attorney at the Family Violence Appellate Project, will be speaking on "Domestic Violence in Dependency Court: What Judges and Attorneys Should Know."


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