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FDAP Panel News: End-of-Year Claims Processing, TrueFiling Changes, Seminar
Nov. 30, 2015

Below are two new announcements regarding compensation claims and TrueFiling, as well as a reminder about our annual seminar ...

End-of-Year Claims Processing

Your 2015 IRS Form 1099 issued by the state will include claims received by the Judicial Council of California (JCC) by December 16, 2015. That means FDAP must be done processing the claim and must transmit it to the JCC by December 15. We cannot make any promises, but if you prefer that a claim payment be included on your 2015 Form 1099, you should submit the claim to FDAP as soon as possible, and certainly by end of this week, i.e. Friday, December 4.

Please keep in mind, however, even if you submit the claim to FDAP by December 4, we cannot guarantee that it will be processed by us or the JCC in time to make it onto the 2015 Form 1099. There are too many variables involved in the process. But, we will do our best to process all claims in a timely fashion.

If you prefer that your claim payment appear on your 2016 Form 1099, then please submit it to FDAP after December 15. Finally, from Monday, December 21st to Thursday, December 24th, the JCC will not be transmitting claims for payment to the State Controller's Office.

TrueFiling Upgrade on Monday December 7:

TrueFiling is getting an upgrade. FDAP has not yet been able to test the upgrade, but here is the description from the TrueFiling site:

On Monday December 7th, First Appellate District TrueFiling will be experiencing an upgrade. Filing documents will no longer require following the 6 steps of the Filing Wizard. You will now search your case, create your bundle, and go directly to the bundle submission page. Here you will upload each document and submit all when complete. There will be no change in how fees are calculated, and there will be no system outage during this upgrade. View the document below for a detailed description of the new look.

TrueFiling has provided a helpful Upgrade Guide. After we have had a chance to experience and test the changes for ourselves, we will update the FDAP efiling/eservice guides on our website.

Seminar Registration Reminder

Registration is now open for FDAP's annual training on January 22, 2016. Topics will include recent legal developments, a proposition 47 update, instructional standards, application of "kids are different" jurisprudence in adult criminal cases, a conversation with Justice Leondra Kruger of the California Supreme Court, and more. Please visit our seminar information/registration page here..

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