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Paper Compensation Claims Discontinued - Eclaims to Be Used for All Cases

January 29, 2015

Note: This notice is adapted from one distributed by CAP-LA. The only differences are (1) we are suggesting that you contact FDAP staff for your initial temporary eclaims password and (2) we ask that new eclaims users review the FDAP eclaims information on our website:

As you know, the courts are moving toward requiring electronic documents.  This movement has been slow but steady and will continue. 

Most of the appellate projects have continued to accept compensation claims in both electronic and paper (manual) formats.  ADI was the first to require electronic claims, and soon all of the other appellate projects will follow. 

The benefits of electronic claims will accrue to both the panel and the projects.  The electronic programs catch most errors as they occur and perform calculations automatically and correctly.  As a result, claims can be processed much more quickly by appellate project staff.  eClaims users may remember how many hours filling in a paper claim used to take, while in eClaims much of the needed data is pre-entered from information already in the appellate project in-house database, bringing time for completion down often to less than a half hour.  Many panel attorneys report claims now take only around 15 minutes.

Thus, February 25th will be the last date the appellate projects will accept paper claims.  Beginning thereafter, all claims will need to be electronic.  For FDAP, SDAP, CCAP, and CAP/LA, this means using eClaims will be mandatory.  The important exception will be for cases in which a paper claim has already been submitted.  All subsequent claims in such cases must also be manually submitted on paper.  In other words, a final claim cannot be submitted in eClaims format if the interim claim was a manually submitted paper claim; all claims in any one case must use the same format for the automatic math calculations to work.

For those of you who will have to change your practice, other panel attorneys can attest to the fact that the learning curve is very short, and the time savings is likely to be substantial.  Nonetheless, we appreciate your patience and good will during this transition.  Please send an email to Sami Goski and Steven Haskins with your phone number and a convenient time for one of them to call you to give you an initial temporary password (for security reasons, we do not supply passwords by email).  Before you being using eclaims, be sure to review the FDAP website information on eclaims:

Thank you for your work on the panel of attorneys accepting appointments in indigent appeals.


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