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FDAP News - New E-Filing System to Start June 2
May 28, 2014

This Monday, June 2, the First District's new mandatory electronic filing system (EFS) goes live. Please review the attached memorandum which contains some instructions and tips for electronic filing under the new system. We also recommend that you review Local Rule 16, which governs electronic filing in the First District:

Even if you are not filing anything immediately, we recommend that you review the instructions, particularly the registration section, which starts on page 2, and that you (1) register for TrueFiling, if you have not already, and (2) confirm that your name and your email address are properly linked to your open cases in TrueFiling.

The TrueFiling EFS system is a significant change in the way in which we file, serve, and receive documents. We expect that it will bring with it great convenience for practitioners and cost-savings for the court-appointed counsel program. (We hear that the filers in civil cases, who have been using the system for a couple months now, have been very pleased with their experience using TrueFiling.) But there are bound to be some hiccups and we understand this could cause some frustration. Your patience will be appreciated and we will provide updates as we gain experience with EFS and as it evolves.

If you have technical questions about how to use the TrueFiling website or need to troubleshoot problems you are having, you should start by contacting TrueFiling by email at or by phone at (855) 959-8868. FDAP is available, as always, for consultations regarding filing requirements.


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