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FDAP Articles Database Updated
February 9, 2012

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We have updated the FDAP Articles & Outlines Database, an invaluable resource containing material on substantive criminal law, delinquency, dependency, appellate practice, and ethics. Added to the database are articles from the FDAP training in January, as well as some new and updated articles from the fall:

From the January 2012 Training:

  • Pending Cases in the U.S. and California Supreme Court
  • The Strange Vicissitudes of Lifer Parole Victories and Defeats
  • Fourth Amendment Issues in the Digital Age - Cell Phone and Computer Searches
  • Digital Issues in a Digital Age
  • How to Attack Aggravated Sentences
  • Sentencing Realignment
  • Bullcoming and Beyond
  • Legal Ethics: Prosecutorial Misconduct and the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Petitions for Review in the California Supreme Court

Other Recent Articles or Updates

  • Recent Developments in Federal Habeas Practice - The October 2010 Supreme Court Term
  • Elusive Exceptions to Waiver & Forfeiture Bars (Revised 2011) [update]
  • California Criminal Street Gang Offenses and Enhancements (rev. 9/11) [update]

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