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News from the Director

New and Updated Website Resources
Sept. 6, 2011

Two recent changes to the FDAP website are of note.

First, we have added a "2011 Realignment" resource page - http://www.fdap.org/realignment.shtml , in which we link to resources relevant to changes brought by AB 109 and its follow-up legislation. This realignment legislation created county-jail felonies and local supervision of some parolees, among other changes. A link to this new page has been added at the bottom of the Research Resources menu on our Website:

image of pull-down menu

Second. we have updated the FDAP wiki page for California Criminal Street Gang Enhancements - http://wiki.fdap.org/main_page/gangs. The wiki has been updated to address, among other developments, People v. Albillar (2010) 51 Cal.4th 47. The cases mentioned in the wiki are hyperlinked to free publicly-accessible copies of the opinions.

screenshot of gang wiki

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