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Cal. Supreme Court Website Resources
May 25, 2011

California criminal appellate practitioners might turn to the California Supreme Court's website to keep current on pending cases & issues. Several resources, including a new pending issues report are worth a visit. The website includes:

  • Pending Issues Summary: provides separate lists of pending criminal and civil cases with descriptions of the issue presented in each case. (For a topical index of pending issues, visit the CCAP High Court Pending Issues page.)
  • Weekly Case Summaries: weekly news release describing issues presented in cases accepted for review in previous week.
  • Weekly Conference Results: lists of orders on petitions for review, publication/depublication requests, and writs. (Issues presented are not described.)
  • Briefs of Argued Cases: provides PDF copies of briefs in argued cases. Currently includes briefs in cases argued between the January 27, 2010, and June 3, 2011, calendar dates.
  • High Profile Case: "  online access to some case documents in high profile cases.

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