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Recent Victory Highlights
Nov. 28, 2010

This month's highlight from our victory blog is the reversal of a minor's commitment to DJJ because the record did not disclose that the juvenile court considered less restrictive alternatives.

In In re Reuben P. , no. A127628, the Court of Appeal reversed appellant's DJJ commitment because the record failed to disclose what, if any, less restrictive alternatives to the DJJ commitment the juvenile court considered. The probation report deemed DJJ the "most suitable" option for appellant, which implies less suitable programs had been considered and rejected by the probation department, but there was no evidence the juvenile court knew what those rejected programs were, and the Court of Appeal could not infer them on this record. The Court of Appeal also directed the juvenile court to clarify its discretionary decision regarding the maximum term of confinement should another DJJ commitment be imposed. Our victory blog post on In re Reuben P., which includes a link to the opinion, is here.

There are many victories posted on the victory blog, where you can peruse them all, or use the blog search engine to look for reversals in specific areas of law.

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