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News from the Director

FDAP Web Site Improvements
June 2, 2007

Recent changes to the FDAP Web site---some about functionality, some substantive---should improve the "user experience," as they say here in the outskirts of Multi-Media Gulch. Here are the highlights:

  • Rule Re-Numbering and Substantive Amendments Incorporated. In most areas of the site---including Forms, the Quick-Look Filing Requirements Chart, Working With FDAP and the Appeals Checklist, we have updated rule citations to reflect the renumbering, which was effective January 1, 2007. Those areas have also been updated to reflect minor substantive rule changes. (Note: the lengthier Detailed Filing Requirements page has not been updated yet.)
  • New Articles and Outlines Database. We have re-organized the Articles and Outlines area. Instead of a single page containing a long list of articles, we have created a database which has a pull-down menu allowing the user to quickly access all of the articles on a single topic.
  • Jail Search Engines Linked. We have added to the prisons and jails page links to online inmate search pages for the First District counties that have them (Alameda, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano).
  • Code Clean Up and Re-Formatting. Finally, we've updated and cleaned up a lot of the code on the site. While much of these changes will not be apparant and, in some instances, will merely make future updates easier for FDAP, some of the code-fixing has improved readability by making the fonts more uniform and by generally presenting the text in more consistent and user-friendly ways.


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