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News from the Director

California Rules of Court Renumbered
December 21, 2006

The reorganized California Rules of Court will become effective on January 1, 2007. As part of the reorganization, all rules have been renumbered. The Judicial Council's website contains a section dedicated to the rules reoranization where you can find the unabridged annotated text of the new rules and a conversion table that lists the new rule numbers by reference to the old ones. In addition, we believe the general Rules section of Judicial Council website will redirect to the reorganized rules after the first of the new year.

Here are the new numbers for several of the more frequently cited rules in criminal, juvenile, and mental health appeals:

Augmenting and correcting the record

Former rule 12 is now rule 8.155.

Failure to file a brief

Former rule 17 is now rule 8.220.

Filing the appeal; certificate of probable cause

Former rule 30 is now rule 8.304.

Augmenting or correcting the record in the Court of Appeal

Former rule 32.1 is now rule 8.340.


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