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News from the Director

New Articles & Outlines on FDAP Web Site.
March 7, 2005 (Updated March 11, 2005)

In recent weeks FDAP has posted new articles and outlines, including some materials from the January 29, 2005, training seminar. New materials include:

  • Making Use of Shepard v. United States in California Cases. (Available in PDF and Wordperfect.)
  • Confrontation Clause Analysis After Crawford v. Washington. (Available in PDF and Word.)
  • Does Second Degree Felony-Murder Survive in California. (Available in PDF, Word & Wordperfect.)
  • Blakely and Booker in California: the Next Generation of Cases. (Available in PDF, Word & Wordperfect.)
  • Sealing Your Juvenile Court Records. [Update: the "Sealing Your Juvenile Records" article was removed 4/8/2011.]
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