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News from the Director

What's New Online at FDAP.org (and elsewhere)?
June 30, 2004

We've been online for just over one year now and it's time to highlight a few of the newer tools available at FDAP.org.

  • FDAP Blakely Page: Brand new, of course, is the Blakely page where you can find a myriad of resources relating to Blakely v. Washington, such as news, articles, sample briefs, and links to Blakely-related cases and off-site resources.
  • FDAP CYA Page: provides resources for juvenile delinquency practitioners challenging CYA commitments on direct appeal or filing petitions to modify (Welf. & Inst. Code § 779) in the juvenile court.
  • Updated Forms: We've updated a number of forms so that rules numbers conform with the new (Jan. 1, 2004) rules of court. (Note NOA forms still have out-of-date rule number citations; they'll be updated when the Judicial Council amends the forms.)
  • Habeas Forms: We now have a link to a habeas form that can be used in the Eastern District of California. The E.D. does not have its own 2254 form, but uses the generic form from the Admin. Office of the U.S. Courts. (Note: this is a fillable, but not saveable, PDF document.) Also, the E.D. uses its own IFP application and filing instructions. Unfortunately, district-specific IFP forms and instructions are not yet available online.


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