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News from the Director

June 30, 2004

Dear Panel Attorneys: The appellate projects will be trying to keep up with the variety of Blakely cases and issues that are arising. In very brief, our plan is this:

Each project will be posting on its own website articles, case cites, sample briefs and actual briefs by project and panel attorneys, etc. concerning Blakely. (A list of links to the various websites are included below.) At FDAP’s website we already have two lengthy articles dealing with substantive Blakely law as well as procedures for raising Blakely issues depending on the stage of your pending appeals. We (along with the other projects) hope to begin having sample and/or actual briefs posted very shortly.

In addition, each project is sending copies of the briefs it posts to the ADI website, where ADI will be attempting to organize them into an overall ‘briefbank’ of readily accessible arguments.

The website links are:

FDAP has a 'Blakely Page'




CCAP Searchlight database

(Before using The Searchlight for the first time, you will need to create a user log-on profile on the CCAP website.) You might also check for sample briefs on the California Appellate Defense Counsel Web site at www.cadc.net. (Note: the CADC brief bank is available to CADC members only.)


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