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News from the Director

December 3, 2003

FDAP has posted several new outlines in the "Articles & Outlines" area of the website. The new material includes:

1. Highlights from the High Court: The U.S. Supreme Court's 2002-2003 Term (by J. Bradley O'Connell, Sept. 2003);

2. Guilty Plea Appeals: Issues Waived, Issues Cognizable, and Procedural Problems (Sept. 2003); and

3. Overview of Probation and Probation Revocation Law (Revised and Updated by Kathryn Seligman, Kimberly Fitzgerald, and Gabriel Tames (October 2003)).

As with all of our articles and outlines, these materials are available in Word, WordPerfect, and PDF formats. Click above on the title of the outline to view the PDF version. Or go to our articles/outlines pages for criminal, delinquency and dependency to view all of our materials, including the new ones. (All three new items are in the criminal area.)


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