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News from the Director

December 3, 2003

Two Hayward detectives have been caught apparently framing a defendant in a rape case. Here's what you can do if those detectives have figured significantly in any of your cases.

In the case where they were caught, the detectives apparently had deliberately removed exculpating material from police reports and had deliberately used suggestive identification procedures. The two officers have been on the force for about 20 years.

The current status is this:

1. The two officers are Frank Daley (the main perpetrator) and Rodney Posey.

2. No specific review procedures have been set up yet, but the Alameda Public Defender’s office will probably be working with the Alameda District Attorney’s office to review cases in which Daley or Posey were involved. The contact person in the Alameda Public Defender’s Office is Assistant Public Defender James Pandell. His contact numbers are: Phone: (510) 670-5000. Email: jpandell@co.alameda.ca.us. Mail: 24085 Amador Street, Room 205, Hayward CA 94544.

3. Mr. Pandell is very interested in hearing from any appellate panel attorney who has had a case involving officers Daley or Posey. He would like to know: (1) nature of the charges; (2) whether conviction was by trial or plea; and (3) what degree of involvement Daley and Posey had in the case. If you can send him that information, he will take that case to the DA’s office and ask that it be reviewed.

In our office, Staff Attorney Richard Braucher is the contact person if you have questions before you send information to Mr. Pandell.


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