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E-Filing, E-Submission & E-Service

E-Filing in the First District and California Supreme Court

Note: Our original instructions (green box on the right) are no longer fully current. The Court's efiling requirements have changed (e.g. bookmarking, case-initiating documents), as has the TrueFiling interface. So be sure to review all of the following updates:

TrueFiling Mandatory for Cal. Supreme Court
Sept. 7, 2017

Additional eservice addresses; Bookmarking clarification
July 30, 2016

December 2015 TrueFiling Upgrade (Interface change)
(Nov. 30, 2015)

Electronic Filing Update Re Electonric Bookmarks in PDFs (Apr. 16, 2015) Announcement

Increased TrueFiling Fee (Mar. 19, 2015)

E-Filing/TrueFiling Down Time (Sept. 8, 2014): Announcement

FDAP Instructions on Adding Electronic Service Recipients in TrueFiling (Aug. 14, 2014): Announcment and Instructions

FDAP Instructions for Case-Initiating Documents (Writs) inTrueFiling (July 8, 2014): Announcement and Instructions

TrueFiling Overview

The First District Court of Appeal has discontinued its original e-filing/e-submission system that had been in use in 2013 and early 2014, eliminated the distinction between e-filing and e-submission, and mandated e-filing through a website operated by a third-party vendor, TrueFiling. The suggestions and information provided apply to all filings.

Under the new electronic filing system attorneys no longer file paper documents in the Court of Appeal. Instead, filings are transmitted to the Court of Appeal via the TrueFiling website: E-filing is mandatory, with non-compliance potentially subject to sanctions (Local Rule 16(m)).

Our Instructions and Suggestions for FDAP Panel Attorneys for the New First Appellate District Electronic Filing System Effective June 2, 2014, which has been prepared by FDAP and not the Court of Appeal, is not intended to serve as a comprehensive step-by-step guide to e-filing in the First District Court of Appeal. Instead, FDAP will focus on major steps in the process, provide some general reminders, and give some specific advice based on our experience testing the TrueFiling system. Our original instructions were prepared prior to expansion of the use of TrueFiling to case-initiating documents (e.g. writs). Be sure to check the updated instructions for writs and other case-initiating documents.

The TrueFiling EFS system is a significant change in the way in which we file, serve, and receive documents. We expect that it will bring with it great convenience for practitioners and cost-savings for the court-appointed counsel program. FDAP will provide updates as we gain experience with EFS and as it evolves. (See top of this page for updates.)

If you have technical questions about how to use the TrueFiling website or need to troubleshoot problems you are having, you should start by contacting TrueFiling by email at or by phone at (855) 959-8868. FDAP is available, as always, for consultations regarding filing requirements.

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E-Service Email Addresses
First Appellate District Local Rule 16
Cal. Supreme Court Efiling Information
Supreme Court of the U.S. - Efiling
Instructions and Suggestions for FDAP Panel Attorneys for the New First Appellate District Electronic Filing System Effective June 2, 2014

FDAP Instructions for Case-Initiating Documents (Writs) inTrueFiling ( July 8, 2014): Announcement and Instructions

Sample Proof of Service for E-Filing


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